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Our History

Monthly Dose of Love


Parents are in need of so much; Baskets of Love, allows the Kory Foundation to assist so many parents.  With your support and donations we can do so much more so we hope seeing what we do will speak to your heart.  The Kory Foundation Inc. welcomes you join us by giving your support in any way that you can.


Reaching Out


There are so many ways that we can give back to the community and so many ways we can embrace the ideas of others on better ways to give back.  The Kory Foundation Inc. is dedicated to lifting up our community through the Outreach Program.  Last year we started our program in the Five Points/Atlanta area but due to changes made in that area, we are now looking for new areas to continue this program.  If you know of an area where our services are needed, please contact us.  As we grow, it is a great part of our mission to touch all in need of our assistance.

Also, we welcome your perishable, individually wrapped items.  Simply give us a call and we will make the needed arrangements to receive your donations.


July 2012 – Kory Foundation Inc. was created after our annual "Remember You Balloon Release" with only the founder and one board member.  The "Baskets of Love Program" was introduced to the Egleston Children's Hospital.

September 2012 – We started the Community Outreach assisting those in the Five Points area of Atlanta, Georgia.  At this time we gained our first volunteer.

March 2013– Kory Foundation Inc. made preparations to form its first board with a total of 5 members and worked to increase the assistance level that could be provided.

June 2013  - We worked in partnership with local businesses. The Board assisted with donations to purchase needed items such as laptops and a printer was donated from one of our supporters.  We also applied for tax exemption

July 2013 - Kory Foundation turned a year old days after our annual "Remember You Balloon Release."

September 2013 - Kory Foundation Inc. was approved for tax exempt status.

November 15,2013 - Kory Foundation Inc. had its first fundraiser, "Voices With A Cause."  This event was a great success.

February 22, 2014 - Kory Foundation Inc. had its first fundraiser of the year, the "Laugh If You Care Comedy Show " 

June 16, 2014- Kory Foundation Inc. had its first Parent Spa Day at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital.  This gave us a chance to give to our families.  We are grateful to Scottish Rite for allowing us this honor.

January 2015- Kory Foundation Inc. started working with the social work team of NICU for the Children's Hospital that is a part of Augusta Regents Hospital located in Augusta, Ga. We derived Baskets of Love to different floors.

January 2015 - A local Augusta, Ga. restaurant, Wife Saver became a sponsor and donated a wonderful  meal for the unit's Family Support meeting for the familes and staff of NICU for the Augusta Children's Hospital.

February 2015- A local Augusta, Ga. restaurant, Boll Weevil became a sponsor and donated an amazing meal for the parents and staff for the Augusta Children's Hospital for our Valentines Day Parent Support meeting

April 2015- The Kory Foundation hosted a Spa Day for the parents and staff for the Children's Hospital in Augusta, Ga. Boll Weevil was the sponsor for the event.

July 2015- We had our annual Remember You Balloon Release.  The grandparents of Kory L Royal were the hosts.  The event was held in Augusta, Ga.

June 2016- Parent Spa Day was held at Scottish Rite, in Atlanta, Ga.  The event was sponsored by Gruby's New York Deli, Marco's Pizza and Krispy Kreme

July 20, 2016- the First Annual Keepers of the Angels was held at Egleston in Atlanta, Ga. after those that joined us released balloons with us as we remembered Kory and all others on what would have been his 9th birthday.

July 15,2017- The Kory Foundation Inc. celebrating 5 years of service and hosted the first Youth Talent Show

May 20018- Kroger and Walmart were gain as sponsors. The foundation started working on the monthly Meals From the Heart program. is program will allow the foundation the supply the families of Scottish Rite, Egleston and Grady Memorial Burn Unit with one hot meal a month while continuing the present services.