The Kory Foundation Inc. is proud to announce that we are partnering with My Tommy Rhodes,  the creator of the Rhodes Gifting Program that was created in loving memory of his father,  the late Luther Thomas Rhodes who during his life sever U.S. Army loss his battle with cancer on December 11, 1986.  Mr.  Rhodes has been working to ensure that the patients of Scottish Rite Children's Hospital Aflac floor are proved with gifts this holiday season.  Many of you have already given and The Rhodes Gifting Program and the Kory Foundation Inc. would like to say thank you.  Because of your kindness, the children of this floor will wake up on Christmas day with a smile.
Thank you to those that have donated :

                                                                Jason Sneed 
                                                                Thomas Sneed 
                                                                Lisa Rhodes 
                                                                Sharon Rhodes
                                                                Sonya Black 
                                                                 Joe Tillery 
                                                                 Victor Windly 
                                                                 Tiffany Rhodes

                                                                 Sonya Black

                                                                 Sharon Hayes

As of today, Mr. Rhodes has a total of 24 toys, but has a total goal of 40 toys that he would like to collect. 30  toys will be given to the children of the Aflac floor and 10 will be given to children in the community. If you would like to give a toy or monetary donation, please go to our contact us page.  Toys we be delivered to the children on December 7, 2019

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Welcome to The Rhodes Gifting Program

                Tommy Rhodes